We serve communities in the St. Louis area by teaming up with local community organizations to use engineering to address the challenges they are facing.  In Fall 2019, we formed partnerships with Brightside St. Louis and EarthDance Farms to work on a series of drainage, safety, renovation, and space optimization projects that would enable both groups to better achieve their respective goals of making St. Louis more environmentally sustainable and educating the community about sustainable, organic agriculture.  The implementation phase of projects was scheduled for March 2020, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are planning to resume the implementation of these projects in the Fall.  Moving forward, we hope to not only strengthen our existing relationships with our community partners, but also create new ones with groups who are committed to serving St. Louis.  

Questions about Local Project can be addressed to Naasik Syed  at naasik.syed@wustl.edu

Local Project Team

Naasik Syed

Local Project Lead


Naasik is a junior majoring in biomedical engineering from Plano, Texas.  As local project lead, he is the contact person for our partners on long-term projects in St. Louis and also coordinates weekend volunteering events.  In his spare time, Naasik loves to try new restaurants and watch cooking videos.